Café Brújula has been pulling great espresso in colonial Oaxaca since 2006. Day after day, you'll find us cupping coffees, roasting, pulling shots, steaming milk, and pouring latte art, in uncompromising dedication to serving up fresh, specialty coffees from diverse growing regions all around the state.

Café Brújula is proud to team up year after year in Direct Trade with many of Oaxaca's most passionate and meticulous coffee farmers. Their extraordinary coffees not only taste great, they're organic and shade grown, pleasing your palate, while protecting the health of the planet, and preserving critical forest habitat for migratory birds and wildlife.

After sourcing great, locally grown specialty coffees, we roast them in small batches in a conventional drum roaster, applying a little science to centuries of roasting tradition. We roast for maximum complexity: to develop body while preserving the coffee's essential oils, and to caramelize natural sugars, while highlighting the coffee's distinctive attributes of origin. The result is delicious.

Great beans become great coffee in the hands of a skilled barista. Our baristas undergo months of training and practice - grinding, dosing, tamping, polishing, cupping, calibrating, frothing, swirling, analyzing - before they ever make drinks for our customers. Every espresso shot has to be perfect. Every cappuccino must be silky smooth. And every drink has to be just the way you like it.